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You don't have to live with pain anymore! Wake up from the fog of the prescription drug cycle of dependency and depression. You now have holistic alternatives to the heavy sedation of prescription drugs. Return to your family, your loved ones, your friends and get back into the game of life.

Medical marijuana is now available for professionals just like you who can't afford to work while impaired and want natural remedies for their symptoms. Don't let pain beat you into submission. You still have a lot to offer. You can get back on top of your game.

Depressed? Have you hit bottom? Are you ready to fight back and start a new, better tomorrow? Depot Town Dispensary is spearheading the movement for medical cannabis awareness.

Don't have proper documentation yet? Nothing to worry about. Depot Town Dispensary has teamed up with the Doctors Inn to provide a confidential, discreet experience in obtaining your certification.

Depot Town Dispensary is a patient collective formed with the intention of providing a holistic remedy for patients that suffer from cancer, chronic pain and terminal illness. We work closely with medical doctors to provide feedback from our continuing studies. Research proves that medicinal marihuana can relieve suffering and provide a choice for patients using harmful prescription drugs.

Depot Town Dispensary is a premiere medicinal cannabis dispensary and a non-profit organization in the heart of historic Depot Town founded to assist our members in safely and securely obtaining medical cannabis in accordance with the Michigan Marijuana Act of 2008. All members must be valid state-registered medical cannabis card holders.

Call Depot Town Dispensary today to see if you qualify for medical marijuana. We will set an appointment with one of our compassionate and discreet doctors. Be confident that you will be treated with dignity and respect. Our staff will guide you through the process of becoming legal and safe. We understand and are here to help. Call today. Stop the pain.

In addition to medical marijuana, we also have different kinds of hashish (made from cannabinoid rich grandular hairs known as trichomes, as well as varying amounts of cannabis flowers and leaf fragments), concentrated oil (luiquid THC), kief (lose trichomes of cannabis), a variety of edibles, smoking accessories and seeds for growing.


All of our meds are tested for quality and potency by Iron Labs.

Depot Town Dispensary also serves as a convenient drop-off site for Iron Laboratories testing -- no membership fee required.

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